Greg Murphy’s Thoughts on The Pseudo Science Marketing of Human Centricity

Recently I read an article, “The Pseudo Science Marketing of Human Centricity” published on The writer has harsh and critical comments about Circadian Lighting, also known as Human Centric Lighting (HCL). After seeing all the lighting manufacturers’ HCL displays this year in Philadelphia at the 2017 Lightfair, I somewhat agree with him.

My observation of the HCL displayed during the show was that most exhibitors did not actually have even a basic understanding of Circadian Light and how it impacts human beings. I was given demos at several booths of their brand new display built for their new Human Centric products. They spoke about Kelvin temperatures changing without regard to the spectrum and called it Human Centric. I heard ridiculous claims such as “anything over 5000K is a good Human Centric Light.”

Today there are many companies claiming that Kelvin change is Circadian Lighting. Circadian or Human Centric Lighting is not that simple. At LightAge, we follow the science spearheaded by the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy (N.Y.) concerning Circadian Lighting. Our products have the correct spectrum for what is required for true Circadian Lighting in all the Kelvin temperatures we offer.

As the author notes, “Anyone that truly wants to understand all of this and its relationship to human phototransduction should spend a great deal of time reading the numerous studies and papers offered by the LRC on this topic. The LRC also offers up a Circadian Stimulus Calculator as well as research findings published in LD&A on the topic.”

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Greg Murphy


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  1. I agree 100%. I’m what could be best described as an “enthusiastic novice” on the field of HCL. I’ve been in the LED field in sales for a decade. I’m convinced this is the only way forward. Trying to establish myself and my employer, Denney Electric Supply, in Ambler, Pa. as the local leader in HCL and connected lighting. People don’t realize yet, the amount of extra work that goes into a proper HCL installation. I appreciate the seriousness with which you approach the industry. I hope to speak with your company in the near future.
    Walt Bloom

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